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2023 Scott Lumen — An Electric Spark



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Full, 130 / 130mm

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Introducing the SCOTT Lumen, an E-MTB at an incredible 15.5kg! The lightest E-MTB ever presented by SCOTT!

The highs and lows of this model family

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38.8 lbs38.8 lbs35.9 lbs34.2 lbs
Fox Rhythm Float 34Fox Rhythm Float 34Fox Performance Elite Float 34Fox Factory Float 34
TQ 50Nm mid-driveTQ 50Nm mid-driveTQ 50Nm mid-driveTQ 50Nm mid-drive
TQ 360WhTQ 360WhTQ 360WhTQ 360Wh
XT, DeoreXT, DeoreGX Eagle AXS, FSAXX1 Eagle AXS, X01 Eagle AXS
1 × 121 × 121 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic
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Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more.

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All-new 2023 Scott Lumen eRIDE eMTB Reimagines Trail eBike at 15.5kg - First Rides!

Dec 1, 2022

Scott's all-new stealthy Lumen eRIDE eMTB is a 15.5kg lightweight trail ebike that looks and rides like a regular light trail mountain bike...

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The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb

Dec 1, 2022 · Knut Nes

The Scott e-Spark was introduced all the way back in 2015. It was a full suspension emtb with a 120mm rear suspension and a 130mm travel fork. But this bike disappeared after a few years. Short travel emtbs didn’t really catch on. They were...

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Scott Lumen eRide 900 SL first ride review - MBR

Dec 1, 2022 · Jamie Darlow

There’s a new e-bike in town. It defines a whole new category, boasts a benchmark super low weight, and is designed to tempt e-bike naysayers with the promise of extra power and a ‘natural’ ride feel. I’m talking about the Scott Lumen, a bike that’s all this and more – and aiming to be the best electric mountain bike out there for sure. But I could just as easily be reading my old review of the Specialized Turbo Levo SL, launched in 2020 with the exact same fanfare. Need to know: New ultra-lightweight XC e-bike from Scott, just 15.6kg in size small Lumen is based on the Spark XC race bike, with the same suspension design Powered by the TQ motor, with 50Nm torque and whisper-quiet ride Four carbon-fibre models in the range, including a Contessa 900 for ‘just’ £6,499 Travel bumped up to 130mm from the 120mm Spark, and a 130mm fork I was there, man. I saw it all, rode the SL at the launch down in South Africa and came away buzzing with the dream of using a motor that would power you up the climbs and get out of the way for the descents. Three years later, I’m back again for the next epoch, this time in Tuscany (sucks to be me) aboard an even lighter but more powerful e-bike that really (really!) could be The One this time around. And while it’s certainly true that Specialized did define a new market with the SL, just as Scott probably will with the Lumen, it’s equally true that both brands made some mistakes at launch. Lumen’s time to shine The Lumen is Scott’s e-bike version of a Spark, which as we know is a thoroughbred XC race bike with downcountry ideas. The Lumen is already pretty much in a class of its own then, no other brands except BMC have attempted to make a no-compromises XC e-bike with the new TQ motor inside. And I do mean no compromises: the Lumen uses the same flex stay suspension design as the Spark, linkage, one-piece bar and stem, internal cable routing, and head angle adjustment. Put the Spark and the Lumen side by side and you’ve got double vision, just like the Trek Fuel EXe mirrors the new EX. It’s the internal shock from the Spark that is the rabbit in the hat here, letting the bikes appear so visually similar. Scott has eeked out the travel by another 10mm by moving the shock higher in the frame to make room for a motor, and that takes rear travel to 130mm, which is matched by the fork. You won’t be surprised to hear the wheel size remains 29in only, and the bike is only available as a full carbon frame, with four options to choose from. The top of the range 900 SL here costs £14,699, the 900 is £9,299 and 910 will set you back £6,499. There’s also a women’s Contessa 900 for the same entry-level price. Powering …Continue reading »

  • Rides like a regular bike with or without the TQ motor switched on, thanks to drag free drive unit, low weight and near-noiseless performance. Great riding trail bike, stable and fun

  • Held back by lightweight components, specifically the tyres. The TwinLoc fork and shock damping control is unnecessary

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From Scott


The Lumen features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Thanks to TQ’s electronic expertise, the HPR50 battery, when combined with the range extender, guarantees maximum performance right through until empty.


Unlike most full suspension E-Bikes, on the Lumen there is no need to choose between the range extender or a water bottle - between longer rides and staying hydrated. Thanks to the integrated shock there is space for both an external battery and water. An optional sliding mount system also allows an easy switch between the rear water bottle and the range extender, allowing both to be easily transported when out on longer rides.


TQ is a German company founded in 1994 who specialize in electric components across a range of industries. The HPR50 delivers an unprecedented weight/power ratio of 1.8 kg for 50Nm. With a diameter of 8 cm, TQ has innovated by using a harmonic gear system. This results in a lighter bike, better integration, while reducing backlash for a more natural pedalling sensation. This technology also allows for the reduction in system noise for a truly natural experience. After all, you are in the outdoors to, well, enjoy the outdoors.


The TQ motor allows us to keep a standard Q-factor with a 55mm chain line – exactly the same as the Scott Spark. This allows us to do a few interesting things. Firstly, we can guarantee great tire clearance while not sacrificing stiffness – which is key when it comes to power transfer. Secondly, it gives you the exact same rider stance and pedal width as on a regular bike.


The system can be controlled via a minimalistic handlebar remote paired to the integrated top tube display. The modes are easy to switch through, and, thanks to the ergonomic placement on the handlebar, can be easily controlled whilst riding, as well as when using Walk Mode.


To maintain a clean cockpit, the TQ system puts the focus on a minimalistic display located in the top tube paired to a discrete shifter on the handlebar. The LED display provides all the essential info, such as the battery level %, remaining KM range and even Watts, thanks to an integrated power meter. Want more? Link up your phone and dive deep using the TQ E-Bike app. Utilizing the built in ANT+, the system easily connects with a bike computer such as a Garmin, Hammerhead or Wahoo unit.


The TQ app offers real benefit and is easy to use. It’s easy to connect, customize and control your TQ-powered e-bike with the TQ E-Bike app. The bike comes with a suggested SCOTT motor tune, with the app you can further tune your drive unit to either save battery life or maximise the power output. You can also customize the display, altering the order and number of screens available, turn on and off control sounds etc.


The Lumen uses the same suspension layout as featured in the SCOTT Spark, now a double World Championship winning bike. Our integrated suspension technology also helps us to engineer frames with a lower shock placement which lowers centre of gravity Why integrated you ask? Well for one, we think it looks fantastic. But also keeps the shock fully protected from any foreign elements. Rainy wintry ride? No problem, your shock will continue to perform at its best regardless.


Accessing the shock via the bottom bracket area is facilitated through a hatch. This makes it easy to adjust rebound, compression, shock pressure, and for installing or replacing the cable for our TwinLoc Suspension System.


The Lumen features our Twinloc Suspension System. With the remote, the user has the ability to choose from three ride modes; descend, traction control and lockout, effectively changing the bikes geometry, suspension damping and spring curve simultaneously. Our lever also features the dropper post actuation below the bar. This ergonomic solution puts all of the bike’s controls in one place making them easily accessible on the fly.


Taking inspiration from the Spark, the objective was a riding position that feels just like a regular bike. We wanted the ability to descend like a trail bike without sacrificing anything when you need to put the hammer down, and a trail bike that can fly up the hill to do it all again on the next descent.

If you prefer a more aggressive ride, the head angle of the Lumen can be easily adjusted through one of 3 positions. The geometry chart is based around the head angle of 65.5 degrees. Our adjustable headset cups allow for a steeper or slacker angle by .6 degrees in either direction.


The Lumen 900 SL and 900 models feature the Fraser IC DC combo from Syncros. The designers worked on the shape to allow the cables to flow under the bar and around the sides of the stem before disappearing into the headset with integrated plastic parts to keep it clean and efficient. This avoids bends or kinks in the cables and provides a minimalist front end.


The SCOTT Lumen takes the world’s fastest XC/Trail frame platform and adds completely silent and powerful electric assistance all while maintaining SCOTT’s legendary lightweight DNA.

The ride feel is like a regular bike: no need to think about a longer braking distance, pedal drag or weight, as it’s even possible to ride the bike with the assistance switched off. This is an E-Bike for a mountain biker, with all the benefits of a regular bike, now with added assistance to get you up those hills faster to enjoy riding further and for even longer.