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Trek Domane SLR review

James Spender

The Domane is a tremendously smooth bike thanks to Trek’s IsoSpeed rear damping system and high volume, 32mm tubeless tyres

  • Comfort

  • Handling

  • Descending

  • Over-engineered

Oct 6, 2022Read Review logo
2022 Sonder Cortex GX AXS review

Not to be confused with Crash Bandicoot’s large-headed nemesis, Sonder’s range-topping trail ripper, the Cortex GX AXS is a bike that combines solid trail-orientated geometry with ridiculous value for money. While there’s an awful lot to like about the bike and it’ll certainly please a lot of riders, a lack of refinement in a number of areas sadly holds it back from shining in the best full suspension mountain bikes segment Sonder Cortex GX AXS - Technical details The Cortex is Sonder’s 120mm traveled 29er that’s designed to fill the boots of downcountry, and all-mountain riding.

Oct 6, 2022Read Review

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Robyn’s Sonder Camino Ti Rival 1 long-term review

Robyn Furtado

A Ti-rrific bike, ready for adventure

  • Titanium frame

  • SRAM Rival groupset

  • Plenty of mounts and tyre clearance

  • Tyres

  • Short bolts for bottle cage mounting

Oct 5, 2022Read Review

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Whyte's T-140 RS first ride review - MBR

Guy Kestevan

Whyte’s new T-140 RS 29er plugs a very obvious mid-travel, big-wheel hole in the range of the UK brand. And it does so with an outstandingly sorted, ‘favourite from the first ride’ feel that’s up there with the very best full-suspension mountain bikes, especially if you’re really into technical trail riding. Need to know New, 29in version of Whyte’s popular T-140 trail bike Frame travel is 135mm and all models run 140mm forks, hence the name Whole ride feels absolutely spot on straight away with a tenacious yet flowing trail connection At 15.3kg (33.7lb) it at the heavy end for trail riding Three sizes only; so no XS or S sizes in 29in Now if you’re wondering where this bike has been, it’s not because Whyte was late to the 29er party. Au contraire. Its original T-129 was a genuine cliché-deserving game changer when it was introduced a decade ago and the S-120 was arguably too early for the ‘down-country’ boom. Yes, a faster rolling, bigger wheel version of Whyte’s multi-MBR test winning T-130 and T-140 trail bikes has definitely been missing for a while though. And with the brand largely caught up in corporate cost saving exercises, ahead of a sale that got sorted last year, the project got delayed. Covid wasn’t the best time to develop a new bike either. But it’s finally here and while the alloy front end looks similar to existing Whyte frames it’s totally fresh, the most obvious difference being the sleeker, straight top tube and external seat collar. The back end shares dropouts with the T-160 but again it’s new, the T-140 sporting a bridgeless seat stay design to keep the chainstay length well under 440mm. The addition of weather sealed cable/hose entry points, super wide main pivot and lifetime warranty on the pivot bearings will also allow you to sleep easy, even when the rain is bouncing off the roof. Whyte retains its signature four-bar linkage/ shock-yoked suspension, where the switchable ‘Shape.It’ shock chip knocks 0.7º off the head angle and 8mm off the BB height in the low setting. How it rides It’s the dynamics of that linkage however, and the tuning of the Fox Performance Elite DPS shock, that Whyte designer (also two time and current National Enduro Series Champion) Sam Shucksmith spent most of his lockdown locking down. And considering how many brands have refined the classic four-bar linkage suspension layout since it appeared on bikes 30 years ago, and how good most of them feel, the fact that Shucksmith’s work makes the Whyte feel noticeably better is seriously impressive. We could – and did – pull lots of parallels out of comparable bikes from Canyon and Specialized during testing, but the bottom line is that the Whyte just feels more right, more of the time. It’s slightly more sensitive to grab grip in desperate climb and corner moments. But with a split second more advance when it deliver the power to edge you up, or out of a …Continue reading »

  • Exceptional overall balance, superb suspension tune, tough and weatherproofed frame

  • Heavy, no XS or S sizes, NX rear cassette and HG freehub

Oct 5, 2022Read Review

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BMC's All-New Fourstroke Has a Self-Dropping 'Automatic' Seatpost

Seb Stott

The revamped race bike's saddle goes up and down at the press of a button.

Oct 5, 2022Read Review

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Marin Rift Zone XR review: coil for the trail

Antony de Heveningham

The Marin Rift Zone XR - XR stands for eXtra Rad - bumps the front travel up to 140mm, adds a coil shock and beefs up the build.

Oct 5, 2022Read Review

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The new 2022 Antidote Woodsprite – Handmade carbon art on test

Peter Walker

First ride review of the 2022 Antidote Woodsprite, a carbon trail bike handcrafted in Poland. Taking on the trails with a balanced mixture of agility and composure.

  • Handmade in Poland

  • Almost perfect build spec

  • Excellent balance between agility and composure

  • Standard tires don’t do justice to the bike’s potential

  • Cables rattle occasionally

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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Cervelo ZHT-5 Race first ride review - MBR

Guy Kestevan

While mountain bike brands are jumping shark to launch new gravel models and tap into a new market for dirt bikes, renowned road bike marque, Cervelo, is swimming against the tide with its first mountain bike. The key question being, is it any good compared to the best XC race mountain bikes? Need to know First MTB from the premium road/triathlon brand Super light weight but lifetime tough 29er race hardtail Punchy under power, but not a punishing ride Steep angles and prices, but it is a premium brand “We’ve ridden ‘roadie mountain bikes’ and we wanted to make very sure this wasn’t just one of those.” It’s a promising opening line from Cervelo Marketing Head, Brian Bernard. The last time Brian talked to me about an XC race hardtail was at the launch of the latest Santa Cruz Highball. A bike Brian had a big part in developing before he moved across to Pon family sibling Cervelo. So that was another promising aspect. But how different can a race hardtail really be? And does Cervelo’s ZHT-5 feel like it’s genuinely got dirt in its DNA, or is it just a cosplay dirty weekend bike for posh roadies to keep at their second home in the country? Most XC race hardtails aren’t as slack as the latest XC full suspension bikes and the ZHT-5 reflects that in its 68.5º head angle. The 74º seat angle hasn’t been nudged forward for steep climb poise either. The reach on the large test bike was generous at 470mm though, and the bottom bracket swings low between the wheel axles. While it’s not the lightest production hardtail option (Specialized and Unno are fighting over that title) the 810g, 840g, 870g, 895g frame weight spread from S-XL certainly isn’t heavy. Those impressive frame weights are achieved with tube profiles and lay up lessons from Cervelo’s lightweight R5 road race bike. While the stiff, sturdy bottom bracket area owes a lot to the Aspero gravel race frame. Thankfully, it uses a threaded bottom bracket, not a press fit time bomb, and it’s still 310g lighter than the aero profiled Aspero. Despite the low weight you still get a lifetime warranty with no maximum rider weight limit either. Two bottle cage mounts make it marathon friendly, the rear axle comes with a detachable tool handle. There’s plenty of room between the stays for 2.4in tyres. Yes, the headset top cap cable/hose internal routing makes later maintenance awkward, but it does keep the lines super clean. It also removes the need for weight adding, reinforced entry points on the frame tubes. The seat stays blend into the sloped top tube via a subtle shelf around the seat tube. That’s the obvious difference compared to the otherwise very similar, but dropped-stay Santa Cruz Highball. The Cervelo seat post is also a larger diameter than the Highball, 30.6mm vs 27.2mm, dramatically opening up the choice of compatible dropper posts. One really cool feature is that the rear brake is mounted …Continue reading »

  • Superlight yet practical, lifetime warrantied frame. Impressive fatigue smoothing flow from the frame. Excellent grip and power delivery. Not as sketchy on descents as the geometry suggests

  • Top tier premium prices for both models. No Team Issue version for Jumbo groupies. No frame only option. Relatively retro geometry

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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The all-new Ibis Oso is a beast of an e-bike

Zach Overholt

Along with a new brand identity, Ibis is expanding their lineup with an ebike. Yes, an ebike. A big, burly, beast of an ebike.

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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Urtopia Carbon E-Bike Review

Price: $2799.00 | Model Year: 2022 | A comfort-oriented road bike with lightweight carbon frame, fork, handlebar, and seat post. Single speed drivetrain is clean and quiet with Gates CDN belt drive. Available in two frame sizes and three color schemes. Custom dot-matrix LED display panel with voice control, fingerprint ID locking, optional smartphone app.

  • A comfort-oriented road bike with lightweight carbon frame, fork, handlebar, and seat post. Single speed drivetrain is clean and quiet with Gates CDN belt drive. Available in two frame sizes and three color schemes. Custom dot-matrix LED display panel with voice control, fingerprint ID locking, optional smartphone app.

  • Modest 250 watt 35nm geared hub motor is compact and quiet, paired with the bottom bracket torque sensor it performs above-average. Downtube-integrated battery pack is removable, offers decent range, refills quickly with 4 amp charger.

  • Extra bright integrated front and rear lights are positioned well. Two side lights project turn signal arrows onto the street for even greater visibility and safety. Decent 160mm hydraulic disc brakes stop well and offer adjustable-reach levers.

  • High-step frame is tall, and could be difficult for some to mount and stand over. Custom bottle cage mount only works with their accessory. Voice commands didn't work well when moving. Custom stem, handlebar, and seat post might not work with aftermarket parts such as a suspension seatpost.

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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Canfield Bikes Reveals New Colors & Build Options for 2023 Balance

Canfield Bikes

An updated version of the long-travel 27.5 bike is now available for pre-order with new colors and build options

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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First ride review of the new 2023 Ibis Oso – What is this futuristic looking eMTB capable of?

Rudolf Fischer, Robin Schmitt

Spaceship or work of art? The new Ibis Oso 2023 eMTB with Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 750 Wh battery in test

  • Equally good on the climbs and descents

  • Unique, futuristic, organic design language

  • Integrated lights

  • Sturdy rims combined with robust tires

  • Cable routing around the cockpit

  • Skid plate durability

Oct 4, 2022Read Review

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Ron Koch

It’s an aggressive yet versatile electric bike that’s designed to expand the range of all-around trail riding and all-mountain style riding with a big battery and Shimano’s EP8 drive unit.

Oct 3, 2022Read Review logo
Vaast A/1 Allroad review

As far as the best gravel bikes go, carbon fibre is the go-to material when it comes to frame and fork construction. And while it does have many benefits, metal frames can deliver an equally impressive riding experience, too, and I’m not talking about aluminium, steel or titanium here but rather magnesium. Yep, you read that right. The Vaast A/1 Allroad gravel bike represents a different take on the gravel bike recipe; a left-field, high-value option poised to do battle in what has become a rather claustrophobic space.

Oct 3, 2022Read Review

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[R]eviewed // Giant Trance E+ X 1 ‘alloy’

The latest generation Trance X E+ range comes out swinging with a ton of new features and performance upgrades over the previous versions and one of the things that is really notable on the new bike is how beautifully integrated and ‘clean looking’ its appearance is. The bike now features an LED information display seamlessly integrated into the toptube and there’s a new ‘super compact’ controller for switching through the various power modes. Would you say Giant have really upped […]

Oct 3, 2022Read Review

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Pedego Avenue Review

Price: $1995.00 | Model Year: 2022 | An efficient city style electric bike available in 17

  • An efficient city style electric bike available in 17" step-thru and 19" high-step frames. Pedego is known for their fun styles, and the Avenue is available in six premium colors with frame, fork, and rims matching! Intuitive display panel with USB charging port built in.

  • The removable downtube-integrated battery is nearly hidden, and and can be charged on or off the bike. There are two battery size options, for people who want to save money and weight or those who wish to ride farther or use the throttle more frequently. A compact 500 watt 60nm geared hub motor drives the ebike.

  • Adjustable angle stem provides a range of body positions for comfort or aerodynamics. Large 180mm mechanical disc brakes with motor inhibitors stop well. Mounting points for optional steel fenders, front and rear racks, and lights. Optional SR Suntour suspension fork with lockout and preload is also available!

  • Assembled, tuned, and supported by a network of hundreds of dealers in the US, Canada, and beyond. Excellent five year warranty. Mechanical brakes require more hand strength than hydraulic. Plastic pedals save weight, but aren't as stiff and sturdy as aluminum alloy. Stock rigid fork and firm tires can be jarring on bumpy terrain.

Oct 2, 2022Read Review

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Aventon Level 2 Review, 2022

Griffin Hales

If you’ve followed Aventon over the years you’ve likely noticed how its evolved in the e-bike space. Its e-bike lineup has held some crowd-pleasing favorites, and they’ve added even more diverse offerings to it, but over the last 18 months or so we’ve really seen refinement from Aventon’s e-bikes. That focus on refinement is what

  • The new torque sensor is a fundamentally different experience: the Level 2 has a much more natural bike riding feel compared to its predecessor

  • The torque sensor also helped improve battery life while keeping the same 500W motor / 672 Wh battery combo as the previous level

  • While we liked the Zoom brakes we tested on past Level models, we’re happy to see Tektro hydraulic brakes as they are reliable performers that are easier to get serviced

  • We loved the look of the blue Level we reviewed, but we think all 4 color options (white, pink, blue, clay) hold a lot of visual appeal compared to the previous gray color

  • The 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain is as responsive as ever and provides adequate gearing for going up or down hills

  • The color display is easy to read, and the downloadable Aventon app pairs with it nicely to enhance your overall experience

  • All the contact points are performance-oriented enough for a serious commuter, while comfortable enough to warrant spending over an hour in the saddle

  • We’re fans of the torque-sensor, especially at lower PAS levels, but it does mean that higher PAS levels feel a tad tame for the high speed loving crowds.

  • Aventon prioritized battery life on the Level 2 which resulted in the bike riding not quite as hard on throttle to help preserve the battery.

Sep 30, 2022Read Review

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Canyon Spectral:ON CFR review

Alex Evans

Great for tamer trails, but its potential is limited by conservative geometry and a raw-feeling ride

  • Impressive battery range

  • Light weight

  • Supportive suspension

  • Drool-worthy spec for the most part

  • Raw ride feel

  • Conservative geometry with a lack of adjustment

  • Tyre choice

Sep 29, 2022Read Review

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The Specialized Roubaix Expert is sublime in many ways, but has one major flaw

Will Jones

A lack of mudguard mounts holds it back from being the ultimate ‘real world’ road bike

  • The Future Shock is genuinely brilliant

  • Seatpost flex makes long rides a breeze

  • Race levels of stiffness and power transfer

  • No mudguard mounts

  • Difficult to work on

  • Expensive

Sep 29, 2022Read Review

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Elliott Heap, Dan Booker & Kelan Grant's Gorgeous Custom Nukeproof Bikes for the Trophy of Nations

Sarah Moore

A pair of shoes for the Brit, a pint for the Irish rider, and a bit of Tasmanian forest for the Aussie.

Sep 29, 2022Read Review

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Rhys Verner & Alex Storr's Custom Forbidden Dreadnoughts for the Trophy of Nations

Ed Spratt

Maple leaves and British racing green for the last big enduro race of the seasons.

Sep 29, 2022Read Review

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Trek Domane SLR 7 P1 review

Warren Rossiter

The latest Domane is true to the original racer, yet massively versatile

  • Beautifully balanced handling

  • Smooth-rolling

  • Well equipped

  • Price compared to its rivals

  • Should have the range-topping tyres as standard

Sep 28, 2022Read Review

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David Kennedy

Meticulously manipulated to optimize performance

Sep 28, 2022Read Review

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Ribble Hybrid AL Trail review: Putting the fun in functional

Benjamin Page

A budget hybrid bike that isn't afraid to get adventurous

  • Smooth ride

  • Very comfortable on gravel

  • Effortless 1x11 SRAM gearing

  • Comfortable position

  • Decent weight for a bike with a suspension fork

  • Lacks pace

  • No lock-out lever on suspension

Sep 28, 2022Read Review

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Sep 21, 2022

99 Spokes
2022 Aventon Single Speed

The Aventon Soltera Single Speed is a simple and affordable e-bike that's great for someone that still likes to pedal, but could use a little extra oomf.

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2022 Engwe EP-2 Pro Folding E-Bike

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is an affordable and powerful folding e-bike with fat tires and a suspension fork for when your adventures take you off the beaten path.

  • Portability

  • Plenty of power

  • Beautiful LCD Display

  • Lacks fit and finish in several areas.

Dec 31, 2021Read Review

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2022 TurboAnt Swift S1 Folding E-Bike

The Swift S1 e-bike features a powerful motor, fat tires, and a folding design; all features that make it perfect for riders looking to explore areas beyond the pavement.

  • Powerful folding e-bike with fat tires offering stability when leaving the pavement.

  • Handlebar height has limited adjustability

  • Not the best fit for smaller riders

Dec 2, 2021Read Review

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2021 Himiway Escape Moped Style E-Bike

The Himiway Escape is a powerful and affordable e-bike with off-road finishes that will have you searching for more adventurous options on your urban commute.

  • Powerful and affordable e-bike with off-road finishes that will have you searching for more adventurous options on your urban commute

  • Limited pedalability due to non-adjustable saddle

Nov 2, 2021Read Review

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RideWrap Tailored Frame Protection Kit

The RideWrap Tailored Frame Protection Kit uses a custom design to match your frame and offer up to 95% coverage, protecting your investment from scratches and dings.

Apr 29, 2021Read Review