99 Spokes Data Services

In years past, it took weeks for our Product Managers to update our competitive analysis matrix and now it’s available anytime online.

Blair Clark, Canyon Bicycles

Every time we connect with a new industry partner, we hear the same story about a product manager manually keying data from competitor websites into an Excel spreadsheet. This process is painfully slow, error prone, and immediately becomes out of date.

We’ve created automated systems that perform this work every day, and our data analysts (mostly goats) have spent a great deal of energy normalizing the data into a shape that’s easy to leverage. Our dataset currently includes 79,992 bikes across 409 brands, and we're adding more every day.

Give us a shout at data@99spokes.com.

Our most common offerings are outlined below. We’d love to connect and hear how we can help!

Empower your org.

Bike Spec Data

Not only do we already have the raw data, but we understand it. We provide subscription based access to an Excel sheet connected to an external data source (our API), making it refreshable on demand. Share the sheet with your team to give everyone access to fresh data (updated weekly) when they need it; no coordination required! Start slicing and dicing bikes on properties like frame material, suspension travel, component manufacturer, etc. 🤓

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It's a roller coaster.

Pricing Data

Want to keep a closer eye on your competitor’s prices? We’ve got you covered with up-to-date weekly snapshots and support for five different regional currencies.

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Like Analytics, but Less Creepy.

Consumer Insights

We track over 40,000+ user sessions on the site each day.

  • Which bikes are most commonly compared to each model in my lineup?
  • What’s the average price range of bikes compared to each model in my lineup?
  • What’s the regional popularity of each model in my lineup? What about compared to brand X?

What questions do you have?

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mmm, JSON.

API Access

Does your business need to maintain its own index of all the bikes? Maybe you need to augment your own dataset, or build some internal tooling. Delivery format and frequency is flexible but this option is best suited for companies with at least some software development resources.

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