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What's New at Rad Power Bikes?

Updated June 15, 2024

Rad Power Bikes, the largest e-bike manufacturer in the U.S., continues to push the envelope with their four new models, blending high-end features with their traditionally budget-friendly approach.

Top 5 Trail Bikes for Any Budget

Updated March 20, 2024

Versatile Rides for Every Budget and Terrain

Top 5 Value Road Bikes

Updated March 20, 2024

Affordable road bikes offer thrilling rides without breaking the bank

Top 5 Fat Bikes

Updated March 19, 2024

Winter's here, but fat bikes keep the cycling fun going.

Top 5 Affordable Hardtails

Updated December 9, 2023

Rediscover modern hardtail mountain bikes—lightweight, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly, with a cost advantage of around $1,000 compared to full suspension models.

Top 5 Youth Mountain Bikes

Updated December 9, 2023

Check out our top picks for your youth shredder, ranging from their first balance bike to a full suspension ripper.

Top 5 Endurance Road Bikes

Updated November 7, 2023

Our picks for the best endurance road bikes in 5 categories: high-end, budget-friendly, lightweight, all-road, and best value

Top Five Urban E-Bikes

Updated October 25, 2023

In this article, we've curated our top choices for city e-bikes in five distinct categories: versatility, cargo capacity, lightweight design, drop bar style, and budget-friendliness.

Top 5 Affordable Commuters

Updated September 30, 2023

Whether cycling is your passion or just an affordable and environmentally friendly way to get around town, there's no disputing that a value oriented urban bike is a must if you live in the city! In this article we'll give you our picks for the best commuter, fitness, and fixie bikes for under $1,000 in 2023!

Best Budget E-MTBs

Updated September 14, 2023

Our 5 top pick Electric Mountain Bikes for riders on a budget

Best Value Mountain Bikes

Updated September 8, 2023

Our top picks for the best value cross county, trail, enduro, and downhill bikes.

Best Performance Gravel Bikes

Updated September 8, 2023

Gravel bikes have seen some rapid evolution in recent years, with new bikes and technology pushing the boundaries and possibilities of what a modern gravel bike can do.

Top Value Gravel Bikes

Updated September 8, 2023

The term “gravel bike” has generated a lot of buzz in the bike world lately. Depending on your riding needs, a gravel bike can be an excellent addition to your existing quiver or your sole do-it-all bike.

Top 5 Affordable Trail Bikes

Updated September 8, 2023

Getting into mountain biking can be a serious investment. The huge swath of new bikes to choose from makes it challenging and intimidating to settle upon any one bike.