Top Value Gravel Bikes

Mark Colafranceschi

Updated September 8, 2023

The term “gravel bike” has generated a lot of buzz in the bike world lately. Depending on your riding needs, a gravel bike can be an excellent addition to your existing quiver or your sole do-it-all bike. The gravel bike category has evolved to represent a broad spectrum of bikes and riding styles. Distinct features and technologies make for bikes that excel in specific areas. We've curated a list of exceptional standout bikes in the gravel category worth checking out. 

Here are our top picks for value gravel bikes:

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Best Value Do-anything Gravel Bike
Canyon Grizl 7 1by

A gravel bike with fantastic value that can handle anything you throw at it.

It’s hard to make any bike comparison without including Canyon in the mix. Canyons’ direct-to-consumer sales model allows them to deliver great bikes at an excellent value; the Grizl is no exception. The Grizl 7 1by is the ultimate adventure partner with tire clearance up to 50mm, triple braze on fork mounts for gear, and a progressive, confident gravel geometry. The bike is designed for rougher gravel roads but finds itself at home on smoother roads or even light singletrack. If you need a bike that can take you anywhere, the Grizl is the right choice.

The Grizl comes in an unbeatable size range from 3XS through 2XL, the 1-by drivetrain is simple and reliable, and frame mounts make the Grizl a terrific bike for all sorts of riding. Its versatility and value make it tough to beat as an all-around do-anything gravel bike. 

Best Touring Gravel Bike

Whether it’s a spirited international bike pack trip or just a quick trip to the grocery store, the Surly Bridge Club is ready for it. Surly has proved itself time and time again by making rugged, reliable, no-frills bikes. Surly’s steel frames make them affordable and offer excellent ride quality. The Bridge Club retains all the frame and fork mounts you'd need for any adventure outing and also comes with an unconventional 138 mm quick-release spacing. With a steel frame the dropouts may be stretched in either direction to fit 141mm and 135mm hubs. The Double hub option means double the wheel selection, making it easier to find parts wherever you may be.  

A wide range of compatible wheel sizes, tire widths, bag, rack, and fender mounts, and reliable construction make the Surly Bridge Club a go-to for anyone looking for a simple and dependable bike that is keen for any adventure.

The Salsa Journeyer Apex 1 700C is a spectacular adventure tool. The journeyer has room for up to 50c tires, features thru-axles, dropper seat post routing, and internal cable routing. Its dual wheel size options and accessory mounts for cargo or fenders provide limitless adaptability for various uses. The aluminum frame, carbon fork, and Sram Apex drivetrain keep costs down while maintaining a reliable and capable adventure rig. 

The Journeyer Apex 1 is a top pick for anyone looking for a high-quality adventure gravel bike without breaking the bank. 

Most Versatile and Affordable Gravel Bike

The Specialized Diverge E5 checks all the bikes that a modern gravel bike should. It has ample tire clearance and efficient yet stable geometry. A shorter wheelbase coupled with the lower bottom bracket height offer confidence on rougher trails without sacrificing good road manners when speed and efficiency are the goal.

The Diverge offers versatility and value that is hard to beat, making it an excellent choice for anyone’s first foray into gravel riding at any skill and experience level. 

Best Affordable All-Road/Gravel Bike
Trek Domane AL 4 Disc

A great affordable all-road endurance gravel bike for on and off the tarmac.

The Domane Al4 is not technically a “gravel” bike. This being said, gravel riding isn’t always about muddy, rugged 100-mile epics or extreme off-road racing. Often the best choice is simply a road bike with endurance-oriented geometry and more tire clearance and stability to venture out onto the dirt. This is precisely the niche that Domane fills. The frame is comfortable and confident and fits tires up to 38c.

Riders looking to dabble in the gravel, but also have a great riding experience on the road should lean towards the Trek Domane Al4. It is smooth, capable, and confident and will provide a great riding experience across all types of roads and smoother offroad surfaces. 

Spec Level
23.3 lbs22.0 lbs22.6 lbs23.0 lbs
Wheel Size
650b / 700c700c700c700c700c
Hydraulic DiscHydraulic DiscMechanical DiscMechanical DiscHydraulic Disc
GRX 800, GRX 600DeoreApexClarisTiagra
1 × 111 × 111 × 112 × 82 × 10
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