Released May 4

New Specialized Levo SL: The Ultimate Trail Bike

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29″ / 27.5″


Full, 150 / 160mm

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The Levo SL delivers unmatched ride quality and capability, amplified. For the trail rider who craves serpentine singletrack, sending it skyward, and lives for advancing your skills and fitness. Meet your new bike, the Levo SL. You’ll be blown away by it’s unmatched combination of flawless handling, capability, and “2 X You” amplification that gives you the Power to Ride More Trails. Compare it to anything out there, with a motor or without, and we know you’ll agree — Levo SL is THE ULTIMATE TRAIL BIKE.

The highs and lows of this model family

Compare the Turbo Levo SL Range
Spec Level
40.9 lbs39.1 lbs38.8 lbs39.6 lbs
Fox Rhythm Float 36Fox Factory Float 36Fox Factory Float 36RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant
Specialized 320W 50Nm mid-driveSpecialized 320W 50Nm mid-driveSpecialized 320W 50Nm mid-driveSpecialized 320W 50Nm mid-drive
Specialized 320WhSpecialized 320WhSpecialized 320WhSpecialized 320Wh
GX Eagle, SRAMX0 Eagle Transmission, SRAMXX Eagle Transmission, X01 Eagle AXSXX Eagle Transmission, X01 Eagle AXS
1 × 121 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic
FullFullFullFull, Electronic
150mm rear, 160mm front55mm rear, 160mm front55mm rear, 160mm front150mm rear, 160mm front
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At Specialized


At Specialized


At Specialized

27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″
Stem Length
Crank Length
Handlebar Width

🐐 Measurements listed in mm and degrees

Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL II review

May 11, 2023 · Alex Evans

All-new Turbo Levo SL II is a Stumpjumper Evo with a motor, and we love it

  • Amazingly adaptable geometry

  • Incredibly wide performance band

  • Well tuned suspension

  • Damped ride

  • Drool worthy spec

  • Rear tyre casing is inadequate

  • Cost

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Specialized Turbo Levo SL Gen 2 Has More Power & Torque, Mixed Wheels & Adjustable Geo

May 4, 2023

Specialized says not a single bolt was reused to make the new Turbo Levo SL 1.2 motor. The frame is all new too!

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Loam Wolf
The New Specialized Turbo Levo SL Gen 2 | Dissected

May 4, 2023 · Drew Rohde

Compared to the outgoing Levo SL, Gen 2 is exactly what aggressive riders had been hoping Specialized would deliver.

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Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL Gen 2 e-bike first ride review - MBR

May 4, 2023 · Alan Muldoon

If ever there was a bike that I totally misjudged, it was the original Specialized Levo SL. Launched in Feb 2020, it instantly had what appeared to be outdated geometry and sizing where the 35Nm motor seemed seriously underpowered too. Factor in the flimsy tyre casings and a Fox 34 fork, both fitted for impressive weight saving, rather than impressive performance, and I basically looked the other way. Not the most professional approach for a professional bike tester, I know, but the numbers simply didn’t add up. Want to know more about the updates in general? Find out more about the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL Gen 2 updates and range overview. Need to know Full carbon frame with no side-arm – more freedom for linkage/kinematics and shock options Moves to S sizing, S1 to S6 – Travel is 160/150mm (S1:150/144mm) New SL 1.2 Motor has 50Nm torque, 320W peak power with two-piece honeycomb casing to reduce noise – 43% more torque 33% more power Battery capacity is 320Wh integrated, S-Works build come with 160Wh range extender Mastermind TCU on both models, customisable via Mission Control app Adjustable geo – three features – Horst link flip chip adapts geometry for 29in rear wheel, head seat cups offer +/- 1.25º adjustment 63º-65.5º, shock eyelet flip-chip offers +/- 5mm of BB height adjustment Revised kinematics give a more rearward initial axle path and increased anti-squat Two models: S-Works and Comp £7,000, stock builds come with MX wheel sizes S-Works bike get’s new SRAM XX1 AXS T-type drivetrain, without a jump in pricing Fork offset changes from 51mm to 44mm, to reflect new geometry and sizing To be fair, Specialized was breaking new ground, so it had no way of knowing how the Gen 1 Levo SL would be received, let alone how riders would use and abuse it. It was, after all, in a category all of its own. Twelve months on, Specialized had the feedback it needed and it was clear that the Levo SL frame was much more capable than the original build kit adorning it. As such, the fork got bumped up to a Fox 36, the shock grew a reservoir for better heat management, and the tyres got tougher casings. Sure, the overall weight crept up, but it was all lean muscle, which gave the Levo SL a swagger that it lacked previously. Now it had my full attention. I tested the Expert model in 2021 and the S-Works verison in 2022, and both times I was impressed by the overall feel of the Levo SL. The supple suspension response offers ridiculously high levels of grip and control, combined with the subtle frame flex that mirrors the response of an analog bike. Sprinkle on the assistance of the motor and the Levo SL totally won me over. Yes, the frame proportions were short-ish and a touch tall, and other brands were beginning to catch up and even exceed the power output of the SL motor, but in our …Continue reading »

  • More sizes, more adjustability, more travel, more support from the suspension, more power and more torque than before, Same price, same weight. 160Wh range extender included with S-Works bike.

  • Rear suspension isn’t as plush as before. It’s still a ton of money.

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First Ride: Specialized Turbo Levo SL - The Electric Stumpjumper EVO

May 4, 2023 · Mike Kazimer

The Levo SL now has more power, more torque, and a wide range of geometry possibilities.

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From Specialized

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RIDE — When everything works just right a bike disappears when you ride it. We stripped away the mass to keep the Levo SL lean and responsive. It’s tough enough to withstand heavy abuse, but light enough to nail big moves. Its dialed geometry, kinematics, and shock tuning leave nothing desired.

THE FRAME OF REFERENCE — Everything starts here. Lively, precise ride feel. Strategic carbon fiber layup provides super-responsive chassis stiffness. We tuned the entire chassis—front end, rear end, and the link that unifies them—as a single unit to minimize lateral flex under pedaling to harness every bit of pedal force.

GEOMETRY OF CONTROL —  The cockpit centers you in the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle, and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough while giving you the freedom to destroy the turns. The head angle can be personalized to, 63, 64.25, and 65.5 degrees.

LESS IS MORE – The Levo SL is greyhound lean and telepathically responsive. Its curated component selection is light, yet capable—for true trail riding. Put it all together and you get the benefits of amplification along with benchmark handling.

MIXED WHEEL —  A 29” front wheel ensures stability and surefooted performance in the most hectic terrain, while a 27.5” rear wheel allows for a compact chainstay and super responsive behavior. If you prefer the rolling and traction benefits of a 29” rear wheel, just flip the pivot link chip and mount the big wheel.

TURBO OPERATING SYSTEM — Our seamlessly-integrated operating system delivers unmatched performance across torque, range, ride feel, ride quality, power, reliability, and rider experience. It’s the invisible hand that enables you to do more, know more, go farther, feel stronger, and have more fun.

SPECIALIZED SL 1.2 MOTOR — The all new Specialized SL 1.2 motor is whisper quiet, boasts unmatched smoothness, delivers 43% more torque (50Nm), and 33% more power (320 Watts) than its predecessor. Resulting in “2x You” performance; it’s you pedaling, but a side of you only a Levo can bring out.

GO DEEP RANGE — Levo SL features a premium, high quality, and seamlessly integrated 320Wh battery pack. Combined with the efficient motor, you’re set up for long, epic rides of up to 5 hours (in Eco Mode). For longer rides, just slide our 160 Wh Range Extender (sold separately) into your bottle cage—for 50% more range.

MASTERMIND TCU — Our most advanced and intuitive e-bike control unit. Connecting the bike, the Turbo OS, the Mission Control App as well as the rider, all in a protected and easily visible display. MasterMind TCU enables over-the-air updates so your bike will get even better over time. With MicroTune fine-tuning power output levels in real time is at your fingertips, optimizing range management and performance.

MISSION CONTROL APP — The Levo SL integrates fully with our Mission Control App and lets you personalize your motor characteristics with MicroTune, Support, and Peak Power.  You can say goodbye to range anxiety with Smart Control, and even thwart would-be thieves with Turbo System Lock.

  • All new carbon frame, comes in mixed wheel configuration (compatible to 29 rear with no extra parts needed.) New kinematic with flatter leverage curve which provides more support and playfulness off the top, but plenty of control in rougher conditions. The headtube angle and bottom bracket height are both adjustable.

  • Worried about running out of power? No problem. Turbo Levo SL eats up big miles and long days. And if you’re looking for even more miles, our included range extender boosts your range by another 50 percent. On top of all that, our Mission Control App can handle battery management automatically, ensuring your battery will last as long as you need it to.

  • New SRAM XX Eagle transmission

  • New SRAM Code Stealth Ultimate brakes