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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Specialized bikes are most popular?

The most popular Specialized model families are the Tarmac, Diverge, and Sirrus.

Q: Does Specialized make eBikes?

Yes, Specialized manufactures both conventional bikes and e-bikes.

Recent Reviews
Specialized Creo 2 First Ride Review: The Only E-Road Bike on My Shopping List

Sep 2023 · Troy Templin

The new Specialized Creo 2 puts a further gap between them and the rest of the e-road bike market.

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Bike Perfect
Specialized S-Works Epic World Cup review – top XC performer or just topped out?

Sep 2023 · Guy Kesteven

Specialized’s Epic World Cup is a stunningly clean design that revives a radical suspension concept in a state of the art, ultralight chassis, but it’s not without its flaws

  • Stunningly clean looks

  • Near perfect high post XC spec

  • Excellent aggro race geometry

  • Set and forget suspension

  • Topped out hardtail feel appeal

  • Hard top/soft pedal is hard to balance

  • Harsh and tiring in the rough

  • No ‘on the fly’ suspension adjustment

  • Much heavier than a hardtail frame

  • Heavier frame than Epic EVO

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Specialized Creo 2 Gravel/Road eBike Quietly Adds More Power

Sep 2023

The 2nd gen Specialized Creo drop bar e-bike gets more power, updated geo, and goes back to the basics for axle standards.

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Cycling News
Hands on: Specialized Creo 2 first ride review: Off-road capability with a serious e-boost

Sep 2023 · Tom Wieckowski

The Creo 2 has received a brand-new motor and arrives with a mixed road and gravel focus

  • A fun bike to ride

  • A good-looking drop bar e-bike

  • Very capable off-road

  • All models should receive an AXS dropper post

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Gran Fondo Magazine
Specialized Turbo Creo 2 Expert in review - An e-gravel bike for the rough?

Sep 2023 · Jan Richter

The Specialized Turbo Creo 2 is more off-road oriented than its predecessor, and it suits it damn well! What must a next-generation e-gravel bike be capable of?

  • High fun factor

  • Capable off-road performance

  • Customizability

  • Dropper post length isn’t adapted to the frame size

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Review: Specialized Diverge STR is a Gravel Hover Bike

Sep 2023

Here's why the Specialized Diverge's damped seatpost flex is a brilliant design and doesn't care if you think it's ugly.

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