Interactions with Norco bikes on 99 Spokes over the last 30 days, adjusted for traffic volume by country.

Top Countries
  1. 🇨🇦 Canada
  2. 🇦🇺 Australia
  3. 🇺🇸 United States
  4. 🇩🇪 Germany
  5. 🇫🇷 France
  6. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
  7. 🇳🇿 New Zealand
  8. 🇮🇱 Israel
  9. 🇭🇷 Croatia
  10. 🇨🇱 Chile
Top Model Ranges
  1. Fluid 🇦🇺🇺🇸
  2. Sight 🇩🇪🇫🇷
  3. Storm
  4. Search
  5. Bigfoot 🇨🇦
  6. Fluid HT
  7. Optic
  8. Range
  9. Sight VLT
  10. Revolver
Price Points
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Norco bikes are most popular?

The most popular Norco model families are the Fluid, Sight, and Storm.

Q: Does Norco make eBikes?

Yes, Norco manufactures both conventional bikes and e-bikes.

Recent Reviews
Enduro Mountainbike Magazine
The Norco Range C1 – In our big 2023 enduro bike group test

Simon KohlerDec 2022

The Norco Range C1 is a high-pivot downhill bike disguised as an enduro rig. What is the Canadian ripper capable of?

  • Stoic composure

  • Inspires huge amounts of confidence

  • Ride Aligned system offers practical advice

  • Robust spec

  • Cables rattle against the frame

  • Requires plenty of physical effort in technical terrain

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Field Test: 5 Trail Bikes Face the Efficiency Test

Mike LevyDec 2022

Pinkbike sent us to Whistler with five brand-new bikes and nothing but sunny skies and dry trails, so what did I end up doing? Climbing the same gravel road too many times, of course.

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Video: 5 Trail Bikes Ridden & Rated - Field Test Roundtable

Mike KazimerDec 2022

Mike Levy and Mike Kazimer go over their favorite (and least favorite) bikes from the Fall Field Test in Whistler, BC.

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Field Test: 2023 Norco Fluid - The Reasonably Priced One

Mike KazimerDec 2022

I ended up putting down my 4th fastest time on the Fluid, just one second slower than my 2nd and 3rd place times, and two seconds slower than my fastest time, which was on the Trek Fuel EX..

  • Great geometry and well-chosen components for a reasonable price

  • Solid, ready for anything ride feel

  • Norco's suspension setup guide is one of the best out there.

  • Could use a chainguide and a longer dropper post.

  • There are lighter & livelier options in this travel bracket

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Video: Welcome to the 2022 Fall Field Test

Mike LevyDec 2022

Just joking about that last one, but before you yell at us in the comments that I'm not going to see anyway, consider that we do our Value Bike Field Tests, and also that brands really want to send us the fancy version of their new anything. .

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Flow Mountain Bike
Norco Fluid FS 2023 Review | Is the Fluid an alloy antidote to costly carbon?

Dec 2022

The Norco Fluid FS aims to offer all terrain capability in a tough and well-priced package. Does it deliver? Read our Norco Fluid FS review.

  • Fantastic handling and solid-feeling chassis

  • Supple suspension adds traction & stability

  • Highly adjustable & supportive GRIP2 fork damper

  • Powerful & controllable TRP brakes

  • Practical frame furnishings

  • Great range of sizes with tailored geometry

  • Heavy for a trail bike

  • Pivot hardware broke

  • Tyre rub

  • Stock tyres aren't particularly durable

  • Shifter position

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