Interactions with Diamondback bikes on 99 Spokes over the last 30 days, adjusted for traffic volume by country.

Top Countries
  1. 🇺🇸 United States
  2. 🇰🇪 Kenya
  3. 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico
  4. 🇲🇽 Mexico
  5. 🇨🇦 Canada
  6. 🇦🇺 Australia
  7. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
  8. 🇩🇪 Germany
  9. 🇯🇵 Japan
  10. 🇵🇱 Poland
Top Model Ranges
  1. Haanjo 🇺🇸🇨🇦
  2. Sync'r 🇰🇪
  3. Release
  4. Overdrive
  5. Atroz 🇲🇽
  6. Metric
  7. Century
  8. Insight 🇵🇷
  9. Division
  10. Mason
Price Points
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Diamondback bikes are most popular?

The most popular Diamondback model families are the Haanjo, Sync'r, and Release.

Q: Does Diamondback make eBikes?

Yes, Diamondback manufactures both conventional bikes and e-bikes.

Recent Reviews
The Latest Costco Mountain Bike Deal is Essentially a 2018 Diamondback Hardtail?

Aug 2023

Diamondback Bicycles is selling their bikes through Costco. The Overdrive 1 27.5. seems to be a 2017 model and the only model available.

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Diamondback Yowie short-travel MTB looks rad; Haanjo gravel bikes updated

Apr 2023

The new Diamondback Yowie short-travel mountain bike looks like the perfect "downcountry" ripper, plus a sneak peek of the new Haanjos.

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What happened to the Diamondback Andean, the craziest bike of the 2010s?

Mar 2023 · Jack Sexty

In the Autumn of 2016, this outrageous-looking triathlon bike from a brand better known for bargain BMXs appeared out of nowhere. What became of the moto-inspired Andean?

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Electric Bike Report
Diamondback Response Review 2023

Jan 2023 · Sam Gross

Hipsters and young folk in bike-saturated cities know and love a flavor of commuter bike dubbed the “urban assault bike,” or, to the unindoctrinated, a mountain bike that’s been repurposed as a go-anywhere do-anything asphalt commuter. It would appear that there’s some hipsters and young folk on the Diamondback product development team. The Diamondback Response

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Electric Bike Report
Diamondback Union 2 Review 2023

Jan 2023 · Sam Gross

There’s few things better than an electric bike that feels exactly as fast as it is. I like racy bikes — ones that don’t just roll fast, but look fast — and for me, Diamondback’s Union 2 electric commuter bike hits in exactly the right way. It’s sleek, has sporty geometry, no suspension (don’t @

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Value Field Test: Diamondback Sync’r - Swim

Apr 2022 · Mike Levy

Plus-sized tires, a dropper post, and a $1,500 price tag sound promising...

  • Great brakes, comes with a dropper post

  • Plus-sized tires make sense on this kind of bike

  • Fun on the right kind of trails

  • The frame is underwhelming, not worth upgrading parts

  • Geometry probably won't let you progress

  • Tires and wheels aren't actually tubeless ready

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