Bike Review:
2023 Himiway Zebra Review
The Perfect Companion for Urban Commutes

Author Scott Alexander

Feb 2023

Bike Specs
Weight79 lbs / 356 kg
Motor750W 86Nm hub-drive
Battery960Wh Samsung/LG lithium
BrakesHydraulic Disc

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Highs Price; High capacity battery; Fenders, rack, and lights included

Lows A bit on the heavy side

Just before we received the Himiway Zebra, I sustained a back injury that kept me off my bike for a couple months. The Zebra was the first bike I started riding once I was back in the saddle, and it gave me a new perspective on e-bikes. For many riders out there, an e-bike can be a game-changer, offering a more comfortable and accessible option for transportation and recreation. The Zebra's design is optimized for these needs, and I've had the chance to put it to the test on my daily commutes and errands around town.


The Himiway Zebra is available in a single size, recommended for riders with a height range of 5'3" to 6'5". However, for those seeking a more accessible option, the step-thru version accommodates a slightly lower height range of 5'1" to 6'5". As a 6'1" rider, I found the fit of the standard frame to be comfortable, but if I had to choose, I would opt for the step-thru frame for the added convenience of getting on and off the bike, especially when carrying a load. The adjustable seatpost height allows riders of varying heights (within the supported range) to find a comfortable pedaling position.

The Zebra, weighing 79 pounds, can be challenging to maneuver for smaller riders when moving it in and out of doors or up and down stairs. However, a "walk" feature is available that can help. By pressing and holding the minus button on the controller, the motor provides enough power to assist in moving the bike up stairs.


The Zebra comes equipped with dependable entry-level components from reputable manufacturers, such as Shimano, KMC, Wellgo, and Kenda.


The Tektro hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors are a standout feature, delivering powerful stopping power that's especially useful for the bike's heavier frame. To ensure rider safety, the brakes are integrated with the motor, which automatically cuts power to the motor when the brakes are engaged.


The seven speed Shimano drivetrain shifts reliably and provides a reasonable gearing range. Coupled with the motor you should be able to tackle some pretty steep grades without any issues. In my testing I was able to keep speed up all my regular climbs without pedaling at all. Also worth noting that the gearing range accommodates comfortably pedalling at the 20mph max assist speed.


The wider 4-inch fatbike tires on the Himiway Zebra have an advantage for urban riding, as they can handle obstacles such as ridges and potholes with greater ease. With a larger surface area, the tires offer increased stability and traction, making it easier to maneuver the bike in unpredictable urban environments. Though the tires are heavier than those on traditional bikes, the powerful motor on the Zebra compensates for the added weight, providing a ride that's more accessible to a wider range of users.


The Zebra is equipped with a high-capacity Samsung/LG battery, providing an impressive 960 watt hours of power. With a range of over 60 miles on a single charge, you can take on longer rides without worrying about running out of juice. During my own test rides, I found that the battery held up well, with the level indicator never dropping more than one notch even after extended use. 

Charging is convenient, with the option to do so directly on the frame or by easily removing the battery with the included key. This feature is especially useful for those who may not have access to a charging outlet in a shared parking location. The only minor inconvenience is that the charger has a fan which runs while charging, making it slightly noisy if charging in a common area.


The Escape e-bike may have the appearance of a mid-drive bike, but it is equipped with an oversized bottom bracket shell that holds some of the motor controller components. Its motor is a 750 watt brushless gear rear hub motor, which is a popular and appropriate option for e-bikes within its category and price range. The motor operates quietly, and the pedal assist function is seamless.


The LCD display has a surprising amount of configurability. All the usual things like units, wheel size, backlight intensity, etc., but also major functional things like number of pedal assist speeds and max assist speed. If you want to dig deeper a copy the manual can be found here —

I couldn’t resist experimenting with raising the max assist speed. This YouTube video provides succinct instructions for modifying the setting — . The setting on the Escape tops out at 45kmh (28mph) and I can confirm, it does indeed go 28mph. Proceed at your own risk and remember, the class 2 e-bike speed limit is 20mph in the US 😬.

Custom Colorways

The riders have spoken — Florida and California were the two states which received the most votes from Himiway owners, and in turn Himiway is offering a limited edition run of state themed paint. Only 100 bikes for each state are available. More info can be found here —

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Himiway Zebra is a solid e-bike that provides riders with a comfortable, stable, and accessible ride, whether for daily commutes or leisurely rides. The bike's powerful motor and dependable components make it an excellent option for riders who need extra assistance navigating uneven terrain, steep hills, or long distances. The Zebra is a great e-bike choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to get around town or explore the great outdoors.


At home on gravel paths