DH Bike with a Motor!

Author Josh Kirchhoff

Mar 2024

Bike Specs
SuspensionFull 170 / 170mm
ForkFox Factory Float 38e
ShockFox Float DHX Factory
Wheels27.5″ / 29″ Aluminum
Drivetrain1 × 12 Electronic
GroupsetX0 Eagle Transmission, SRAM
MotorFazua 450W 60Nm mid-drive
BatteryFazua 430Wh

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Highs Extremely composed on steep, fast, and technical descents; Designed to be ridden without the battery installed

Lows Soaks smaller trail features, numbing less extreme terrain; Battery must be removed to charge; Heavy

The Transition Relay PNW edition is designed to be ridden hard and fast, and in those settings it excelled, earning itself the nickname of an “E-Downhill Bike” during our lightweight E-MTB head-to head test. On the flip side, however, the bike’s aggressive geometry and coil sprung suspension has a tendency to soak up small to moderate sized trail features, meaning you really had to push this bike hard to get to its sweet spot. Another neat feature on the Relay is the ability to ride the bike without the battery installed, making it a great option for folks wanting to use the same bike for pedal-assist laps and at the bike park.  Learn more about this technical maestro in our full YouTube review!