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Trek Adds Fastest and Lightest Madone SL Ever

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Today, Trek introduced the all-new Madone SL Gen 7, which brings the same revolutionary road race technology introduced by the seventh generation Madone SLR to more riders than ever before. 

This new addition to Trek's ultimate race bike line-up is available at a more affordable price point thanks to a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame, two-piece flared RSL aero handlebar, and RCS Pro stem that keeps things light, fast, and a bit more economical while maintaining the bike's premium aesthetics and podium-topping performance.

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From Trek

Shockingly light

A new gram-shaving design and lightweight 500 Series OCLV Carbon make Madone SL nearly 300 grams lighter than the bike that came before it. 

Thrillingly fast

Our fastest Madone SL ever clocks in at 54 seconds per hour faster* than the previous generation.

Remarkably smooth

Proprietary IsoFlow technology shaves weight, improves aerodynamics, and smooths fatiguing bumps in the road.

Extraordinarily aero

A flared, aero-optimized bar and stem, aerodynamic riding position, and newest generation of aero tube shaping cuts through the wind and puts you in the position for power.

Madone SL will be available globally on and through Trek's global network of retail partners. 


What is different about the SL frame compared to the SLR?

Madone SL Gen 7 uses a more economical 500 Series OCLV carbon fiber and comes with a headset cover for use with the Bontrager RCS Pro stem.

Is IsoFlow adjustable?

No, IsoFlow is tuned to balance aerodynamics, weight, and comfort across all frame sizes.

What is the geometry of the bike?

A race oriented H1.5 geometry.

Does the frame have internal storage?

No, the narrow downtube shaping is optimized for aerodynamics.

Is the seatpost adjustable?

Yes. The seatpost wedge assembly is reversible to allow for a larger range of saddle height adjustment on a single seatpost.

What’s the maximum and minimum seat height per frame size and per seatpost?

Please see the geometry chart on the bike’s product page.

Will Madone SL be available in Project One


What stems are compatible with this bike?

The bike can fit a few unique types of stems, including standard 31.8 stems, the Bontrager RCS Pro stem (stock), and the Madone SLR bar/stem. Each of these options requires a unique bearing cover and spacers. See the Madone SL Gen 7 service manual for part numbers.

Is Madone SL Gen 7 compatible with mechanical drivetrains?

No. It is only compatible with electronic drivetrains.

What is the brake mount and max rotor size?

Flat mount 140mm brake mounts, 160mm maximum rotor size front and rear.

What is the hub spacing?

142mm x 12mm rear, 100mm x 12mm front.

What type of bottom bracket does it use?


Is it compatible with cranks with 30mm spindles?

Yes, but please check crank manufacturer compatibility for a compatible T47 bottom bracket.

Does it have any accessory mounts?

Yes, Madone SL Gen 7 has compatible accessory mounts like: a seatpost taillight clip (W5291256) sold separately, and complete bikes come with a Bontrager RCS Pro stem with a Blendr mono base. The Blendr mono base is designed to mount Blendr-compatible accessories that are sold separately.

Which seatpost ships with each size bike?

See the Spec section on the bike’s product page. All stock seatposts are 0mm offset.

What size stem, bar, and seatpost combination comes with each bike size?

See the Spec section on the bike’s product page.

Anything I should know about the handlebar that comes on the complete bike?

The RSL Aero bar features a shallow reach, flared design for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics, just like the bar/stem on the Madone SLR. There are a few important fit-related items to keep in mind:
• Width on this bar is measured at the drops
• The tops are 3cm narrower than the drops
• Reach: 80mm
• Drop: 124mm

Example: Looking at a 42mm wide bar? That means the drops measure 42cm center-to-center and the tops – specifically the ‘Control Width’ where the levers are mounted – measure 39cm.

Is the RSL Aero bar compatible with aero extensions?


Are these bikes tubeless compatible? What additional parts are required?

The wheels are tubeless compatible, but the bike will ship with standard inner tubes and non-tubeless compatible tires and rim strips. Additional sealant and tubeless ready-tires, rim strips, and valve stems will be required to make the conversion to tubeless set up.

What stem and seatpost comes with a frameset only purchase?

Seatposts and stems are fit-specific items and not included with framesets.

What bearing cover comes with the frameset?

The one compatible with the Bontrager RCS Pro stem. Part numbers for bearing covers compatible with other stems can be found in the Madone SL service manual.