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27.5" Mountain Bike ST 120 - /

A 27.5″ hardtail crosscountry bike with modest components and mechanical disc brakes.

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Weight33.3 lbs  
SuspensionHardtail, 80mm
GroupsetmicroSHIFT Marvo
BrakesMechanical Disc
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The 80 mm front suspension helps you get started with overcoming obstacles on slightly uneven trails easily. Easily adjust the hardness using U-Fit technology (weight adjuster). Simply set the number to your weight using the dial on the fork.



The saddle of the ST 120 is welded to prevent any movement of the saddle. And because your comfort is our priority after your safety, we've added an exclusive wider Ergofit saddle with a hammock shape. Easily adjust the height of your saddle with the Flex steel seat post (350mm or 400mm long depending on the bike size). Its smaller 27.2mm diameter provides your seat with natural flexibility, 30% more than a standard solution.


A single chainring is easy and efficient:, 1 chainring and 9 speeds. Accelerate on the flats and easily tackle the climbs. With a single lever on the handlebar, you can change gears without hardly thinking! -ROCKRIDER FC ATB 100 - 32-tooth single chainring equipped with 2 chain guides (anti-derailment), -MICROSHIFT RD-M46-L rear derailleur, -MICROSHIFT SL-759 right shifter, -MICROSHIFT H092 9-cog cassette (11-36 teeth), -Wide, sturdy KMC Z9 chain


The Tektro TKD 68 160 mm double disc brakes provide powerful, progressive braking at the front and rear. The aluminium Tektro brake levers are light, precise, and easy to hold. You can brake with just two fingers. Try to get your brakes adjusted at least once a year.

TypeMechanical Disc


The 27.5" wheels of the ST 120 are tolerant and sturdy, with 19 mm double-walled rims with 28 spokes. Start overcoming obstacles fearlessly, including small rocks, cracks, holes and bumps! Because your first rides will be on dry ground, the Dry 27.5 x 2.0 tyres are most suitable. The central section has low rolling resistance (faster), while the side lugs provide good grip on turns.

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