Call2Recycle — E-Bike Battery Recycling

Scott Alexander

October 5, 2022

Industry analysts estimate more than 12 million electric bikes to be sold in the U.S. between 2020 and 2030. To ensure those batteries are safely handled and returned to the proper recycling stream, rather than ending up in landfills, more than 40 bike industry leaders from 20 PeopleForBikes member companies united under a sustainability task force and electric bicycle committee to design an e-bike battery recycling program with Call2Recycle.

How it Works

  1. E-Bike manufacturers and brand owners opt in to the Call2Recycle program and contribute to an industrywide program fund, enabling Call2Recycle to administer the safe collection, transportation, and recycling of the battery.

  2. Retailers register with Call2Recycle as e-bike battery collection sites. Call2Recycle provides retailers with safety training, materials, recycling kits, transportation and recycling of the e-bike batteries.

  3. When your battery reaches the end of its life, use Call2Recycle’s drop-off locator to find a participating location and take it in for recycling. Then give yourself a pat on the back.

99 Spokes — Hot Take

Call us crazy, but we believe properly recycling batteries is a good thing. Support for a responsible recycling method should be mandatory for e-bike manufacturers, but it isn’t, and we’re happy to see many brands stepping up and doing the right thing.

We want to make it easy for you to support these brands when looking for an e-bike, so we’ve added a filter to the Bikes search page. Simply check the Call2Recycle option in the E-Bike facet group and your search results will be limited to brands that have voluntarily committed to supporting a program that ensures their e-bike batteries are safely and responsibly recycled at their end of life. Try It Now »

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