Released June 24

Pinarello Announces New Dogma F

Photo Credit: Pinarello





700c Carbon



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From Pinarello

Introducing the New Pinarello Dogma F

Pinarello has launched the Dogma F, a race bicycle that combines cutting-edge design with advanced performance. Utilizing the new M40X carbon fiber, the Dogma F offers enhanced lateral stiffness and overall performance.

Aerodynamic Enhancements

Pinarello's latest model features significant aerodynamic improvements. The redesigned downtube, top tube, and headset reduce drag by 0.2%, thanks to advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and wind tunnel testing.

Key Features

  • Aero-Keel BB: A rotated downtube for better bottom bracket aerodynamics.

  • Slimmer Onda Fork: Improved aerodynamics and handling with a 47mm rake.

  • Integrated Seat Post Clamp: A lighter, cleaner design.

Talon Ultra Fast Cockpit

The new Talon Ultra Fast integrated cockpit is lighter, more aerodynamic, and designed for a safer aero rider position.

The Dogma F exemplifies Pinarello's dedication to blending performance with innovative design.