Released January 31

Introducing the Transition Relay — the Mountain Biker's eMTB



Price Range



27.5″ / 29″


Full / 160mm rear, 160mm front

Frame Material

Aluminum, Carbon

We have always wanted a bike that could provide both an electric and non-electric experience in one chassis. The Relay is light, efficient, and quiet. This provides a more intuitive and natural feel on trail than many would expect from an eMTB. The Relay is here and ready to meet all of your mountain biking needs. Going for a rip with friends on eMTB's? Power it up and head out. Going for a rip with some friends on mountain bikes? Simply remove the battery and hit the trail with no tools required. The Relay does it all.

The highs and lows of this model family

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Spec Level
ForkMarzocchi Bomber Z1Fox Performance Elite Float 38Fox Performance Float 36Fox Performance Elite Float 36Fox Factory Float 38Fox Factory Float 36
MotorFazua mid-driveFazua mid-driveFazua mid-driveFazua mid-driveFazua mid-driveFazua mid-drive
BatteryFazua 430WhFazua 430WhFazua 430WhFazua 430WhFazua 430WhFazua 430Wh
GroupsetNX Eagle, PraxisGX Eagle, PraxisGX Eagle, PraxisGX Eagle AXS, PraxisX01 Eagle AXS, SRAMXX Eagle Transmission, SRAM
Drivetrain1 × 121 × 121 × 12Electronic1 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic
Travel160mm rear, 160mm front170mm rear, 170mm front160mm rear, 160mm front160mm rear, 160mm front170mm rear, 170mm front160mm rear, 160mm front
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Estimated Spec Level

Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more. Learn more →

Spec level →$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000$12,000
Alloy NX
PNW Alloy GX
Carbon GX Mechanical
Carbon GX AXS
Carbon XX AXS
Stack/Reach Ratio1.461.451.371.321.271.23
Top Tube Length516546579607635664
Seat Tube Length410410410430460490
Seat Tube Angle79.779.178.477.877.377.0
Head Tube Length105105115125135145
Head Tube Angle64.
BB Drop152525252525
BB Height340350350350350350
Front Center731767803833862891
Chainstay Length429435435441441441

🐐 Measurements listed in millimeters and degrees

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The 2023 Transition Relay details are out

Knut NesJan 31, 2023

Transition just released the info on the new lightweight Relay. They say the bike will hit the market late March 2023. Check out the Transition video for a look at the details, or keep reading below. So many choices We get to choose between...

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From Transition
Two Bikes In One

Full of modularity, the Relay can be ridden with the battery installed and powered, or removed, which transforms it into a regular mountain bike. Its versatility allows you to take it on a road trip where your plans include riding in areas that are legal for eMTB's, and also areas that do not allow eMTB's. The tool free battery door allows you to remove and reinstall the battery in a matter of seconds.


Starting at 42.5lb/19.27 kg with the battery and 37.5lb/17.01kg without the battery, every Relay is purpose built with components to be ridden hard.


The Relay and Relay PNW share the same frame. The lower shock flip chip adjusts the geometry to compensate for a 27.5" or 29" rear wheel. Both Relay and Relay PNW have the ability to be run at 160 or 170mm travel front and rear, dual 29 or mixed wheel. Riders can choose the Relay with dual 29 and 160mm travel for a more lightweight, trail bike feel, or chase their burly trail dreams with the heavy hitting Relay PNW with 170mm travel and mixed wheels. The Relay is purpose built to be ridden hard and comes equipped with a component spec for doing so. Making both the Relay and Relay PNW two of the lighter, heavy hitting eMTBs on the market.


The lightweight 60Nm Fazua Ride60 drive unit weighs 4.3lb/1.96kg. The minimal drag and power to weight ratio provide the magic when not riding with power. As you begin to ride beyond the speed cutoff you're not penalized when continuing to push beyond the assistance like that of traditional eMTBs. The 430Wh battery, 60Nm torque, 250Wh continuous power, 450Wh peak power, and overall bike weight work harmoniously together. This all equates to an experience that exceeds what you might expect from its numbers.


The 430Wh battery weighs 4.85lb/2.2kg. It is easily removable via the tool free battery door underneath the downtube. The battery is charged off the bike, which is a bonus for customers with challenging bike storage and charging situations. The tool free battery door makes this hassle free, and it greatly simplifies the frame and door interface making it lighter and more durable.


The simple and ergonomic ring controller adjusts modes with a gentle nudge up or down. Pushing it up increases the power level, pushing it down decreases power level, pushing inward will activate walk mode. Holding the controller up for 2 seconds from any assistance mode will activate a boost mode, giving you peak system power output for roughly ten seconds.


The sleek display on the top tube consists of 5 led lights to give you an indication of power mode and battery life. The Relay has three power modes designated by different LED colors. Breeze mode (Green) is very functional in many situations, and is custom tuned by Transition to use in varied terrain, not just riding to the trailhead. River mode (Blue) is preset to match the amount of energy you are delivering to the pedals. If you're soft pedaling it delivers a minimal amount of assistance. If you're hammering it will give you as much available assistance it can, which provides a very intuitive experience and range management. Rocket mode (Pink) provides maximum power to help you tackle steeper climbs and challenging terrain, it will reduce your range but packs quite a punch.


The Fazua Ride60 app pairs to the Relay via bluetooth technology. The Relay comes equipped with our well thought out profile, but you are able to fully customize your settings in all assistance modes. With Max Power and Support Relation you are able to set the maximum mechanical power output and torque in each mode. Support Relation allows you to adjust how much assistance you are given in relation to how much force you apply to the pedals.

Ramp Up allows you to adjust how responsive the system delivers the assistance in each mode. Whether you're an experienced rider looking for the most responsive and powerful setup, or someone who values more distance out of your rides, the app provides a comprehensive array of adjustments to tune your ride to your liking.