Released October 20

Smoother is Faster, Specialized Launches 2023 Diverge STR



Price Range



700c Carbon


Full / 30mm rear, 20mm front

Frame Material


With front and rear Future Shock suspension, the new Diverge STR delivers compliance without compromise. By suspending the rider—instead of the bike—Future Shock technology increases control and efficiency while decreasing fatigue, so you’ll be riding farther and faster over chunkier terrain than you believed possible.

The highs and lows of this model family

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Spec Level
ForkSpecialized Future Shock 2.0Specialized Future Shock 2.0Specialized Future Shock 2.0
GroupsetGX Eagle AXS, RED eTapX01 Eagle AXS, Force eTapXX1 Eagle AXS, RED eTap
Drivetrain1 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic1 × 12 Electronic
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At Specialized


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Estimated Spec Level

Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more. Learn more →

Spec level →$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000$12,000
Stack/Reach Ratio1.551.531.541.541.571.60
Top Tube Length534547563577593609
Seat Tube Length390430470500530560
Seat Tube Angle74.574.374.
Head Tube Length100100115130155182
Head Tube Angle70.070.571.371.871.871.8
BB Drop808585858585
BB Height270265265265265265
Front Center607612619629645663
Chainstay Length436436436436436436
Standover Height711737760785811840

🐐 Measurements listed in millimeters and degrees

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  • Not everyone will like the rear Future Shock feel, heavy, expensive, complicated.

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From Specialized

Front And Rear Future Shock

By suspending the rider with damped, tunable travel—20mm front/30mm rear—Future Shock Technology absorbs bump forces to boost your control and capability while retaining the efficiency and responsiveness of a rigid frame. Because as far as power transfer goes, it is a rigid frame. Power to the pedals makes the bike jump like a scared cat. You’re efficient, you’re comfortable, you’re in control. Your bike is light, nimble, and responsive.

Rear Future Shock

The new Diverge doesn’t just have gorgeous lines, it has perfect curves too. Rear Future Shock puts 30mm of rear travel in the ideal path to smooth out rough road. Its hydraulic damping controls travel to eliminate “bobbing” under power and ensure big hits never catapult you from the saddle, all without compromising fit or pedaling efficiency.

Future Shock 2.0

Born from decades of innovation and our Smoother is Faster philosophy, Future Shock was created to develop bikes that win on cobblestones, but it’s found its purest expression on gravel. It’s 20mm of adjustable, damped front travel that keeps you in control and on target, all while protecting your hands, arms, and shoulders from the battering.

Innovate or Die

The problem was simple yet diabolically hard to solve—how to keep riders comfortable and in control on rough roads but retain the instant acceleration and direct handling a rigid frame is famous for. The solution was to Suspend the Rider. Learn about why it’s so effective and the journey that led us to this innovative approach that reduces vibration at the saddle by over 20% compared to the previous, industry leading Diverge.

Absurd Capability

More capability means more confidence, more confidence means more rides, more rides mean more fun, and it all starts at the contact patch. Nothing unlocks capability like tire clearance, and we’re feeling generous. 47mm on a 700c wheel and 2.1” on 650B. Diverge STR is the most capable gravel bike we’ve ever made, so it’s the most fun. We did the math.

Go Fast Everywhere

The S-Works Diverge STR Fact 11r carbon frame is more compliant than any drop bar bike we have ever made yet adds just 100 grams compared to the S-Works Diverge frame. Never have so few grams added so much capability. Climb it, race it, or load it down with bags and gear for the long haul—Diverge STR does it all faster an


Does the Diverge STR geometry differ from other Diverge models?

The stack and reach of the Diverge STR models are the same as other Diverge models, and bike sizing is meant to be consistent between them. If you want to get specific, there are three minor differences that separate the STR models from others. The BB Drop is increased from 80 to 85mm. The chainstay length has increased from 425mm to 429mm. Finally, the Seat Tube Angle is ~0.5 degrees steeper to compensate for sag in the STR system in the static position so that your sagged riding position ends up the same between bikes.

How are stack and reach measured on the Diverge STR?

Stack and reach are measured with the Future Shock and “zero” top cap installed and measured to the bottom of the stem. This
is consistent with how Specialized measures stack and reach on other Future Shock equipped bikes. Note that in geometry charts, this makes Future Shock equipped bikes appear taller with shorter reach than in reality.

How does the Diverge STR setup differ from other bikes? Do you need to get a bike fit?

We strongly believe that all riders can benefit from a proper bike fit and encourage anyone who hasn’t, to consider a bike fit at some point. We have many amazing Retül fitters around the world that help riders make the best product decisions to increase comfort, prevent injuries, and improve performance.

With that said, the fit and setup on a Diverge STR are pretty straightforward. The only fit consideration that differs from other bikes is the saddle position. We recommend the static saddle po- sition to be 5-10mm forward and slightly angled down from your normal position. With this setup, your sagged riding position will be consistent with a rigid bike.

What components make up the Rear Future Shock System?

There are three main components of the system - the frame post, the tendon, and the damper. The frame post acts as a spring. The damper controls the movement of the spring and the tendon ties them together.

What exactly does the frame post do? Why are there so many options?

The frame post is the hero of the rear Future Shock system. Each of the nine frame posts has different layups, which have been carefully crafted to have unique stiffness profiles. Additionally, each frame post has two different stiffness settings, depending on the orientation. Simply clocking the frame post 90 degrees
can change it from a softer to a stiffer setting. Since every rider is unique, these different frame post settings ensure everyone has a personalized and proper riding experience.

Two frame posts ship with each bike, and between them, we expect most riders will be well-served out of the box. If not, other frame post options are readily available online or thru any Specialized retailer.

What do the numbers on the frame posts mean?

The numbers on either side of the arrows indicate the frame post’s stiffness. It is a somewhat arbitrary measurement, but they are an indication of the stiffness in N/mm. A frame post with stiff- ness 30 will flex twice as much as a frame post with stiffness 60 when the same force is applied to them.

How do you select a frame post? How do you know if a frame post is the right stiffness for you?

Several factors, like frame size, saddle height, saddle setback, riding style, and rider weight influence the frame post selection. We’ve kept the recommendation process simple and start by matching your weight to a recommended frame post as a starting point. From there, it is a matter of test riding and tuning the com- pliance to your personal taste. As a reference, discerning riders can only detect a roughly 10% change in stiffness. A 20% change is quite noticeable (going from 40 to 48, for example).

What adjustments does the damper have?

The damper has a three-position lever for on-the-fly compression damping (when the seatpost is moving backward). In the open position, it will be most active. In the closed position, rearward movement will be slower.

There is also a separate rebound setting (post returning to its nor- mal position). This is generally set once, based on the frame post stiffness and rider preference and not frequently manipulated.

What maintenance or service is required on the rear Future Shock system?

We have put tremendous focus on making the Diverge STR reli- able and easy to live with. The entire system is meant to last
a long time without service or any special maintenance. The damper itself is not serviceable and is considered a wear item. It has a generous two-year warranty period and is supported as a replacement part as well.

What sort of seat post can you use on the Diverge STR? Are there any seat posts you should not use?

The Diverge STR is compatible with any 27.2mm seat post. A real benefit of this bike is that you can take advantage of a dropper seat post without giving up any compliance.

We actually recommend against the use of a compliant seat post like the Roval Terra post on this bike and encourage riders to achieve compliance through the STR system instead.

What features carry over from the Diverge to the Diverge STR?

Future Shock, tire clearance, SWATTM down tube storage, and the progressive handling geometry all are unchanged from the Diverge.

So what exactly is the tire clearance on the Diverge STR?

We’ve ensured at least 6mm of clearance between the frame/ fork and tire with both 700x47c and 650bx 2.1” tires. However, in some cases, riders are pushing the limits and riding tires wider than this.

What are the tech specs on the Diverge STR like bottom bracket, seatpost, brakes, etc...?

The Diverge STR has a 68mm BSA threaded bottom bracket and 27.2mm seatpost. It has 142x12 rear and 100x12 front axles. Brake mounting follows the traditional flat mount standard with the fork mounts set for 160/180mm rotors instead of the more common 140/160mm rotors.

What can you store in the SWATTM downtube?

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to down tube storage. We have designed two specific SWATTM pods to fit inside the frame and keep your gear protected. The larger SWATTM pod is designed for storing a tube, tire lever, and CO2, while the smaller pod is de- signed for other items, such as a multi-tool or keys. Specialized SWATTM jackets pack into their breast pocket and can be stowed in the down tube as well.

What is the weight of the Diverge STR? How does this compare to the Diverge?

The Diverge STR has slightly different specs than the Diverge, so model weights aren’t a perfect comparison. A painted 56cm frame with no hardware weighs 1100g. A complete Diverge STR system consisting of frame/fork/damper/framepost/Future Shock/headset/SWATTM/etc... weighs less than 400g more than the S-Works Diverge frameset.

A complete 56cm S-Works Diverge STR weighs 8.5kg set up tube- less out of the box. Pro and Expert models come in at 8.9kg and 9.5kg, respectively.

Is the Diverge STR compatible with bags, racks, and fenders?

The Diverge STR is compatible with a front lowrider rack or any cages on the fork. It also has provisions for a full fender on the fork. There are no provisions on the frame for a rear bolt-on rack or fender.

Most frame and bike packing bags are compatible with the Di- verge STR with a few considerations. Top tube or handlebar bags with straps that wrap around the Future Shock can damage the rubber boot and should not be used. Also, note that your ideal frame post selection may change when using a heavy saddle bag.

What is the weight limit on the Diverge STR?

All models have a total rider plus cargo weight limit of 125kg/275lbs.