Released November 3

Orbea Presents Its New Oiz — Built to Fly



Price Range





Full / 120mm rear, 120mm front

Frame Material

Aluminum, Carbon

The new Oiz offers complete control without compromise, taking this winning model to new and exciting heights.

The 2023 platform comes with 120mm travel on all models, optimised geometry and an exceptional weight below 10kg.

Photo Credit: Orbea

The highs and lows of this model family

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Spec Level
ForkFox Rhythm Float 32Fox Rhythm Float 32Fox Performance Float 34Fox Performance Float 34Fox Performance Float 34Fox Performance Float 34Fox Factory Float 34Fox Factory Float 34Fox Factory Float 34Fox Factory Float 34Fox Factory Float 34
GroupsetDeoreGX Eagle, Truvativ StyloXTSLX, DeoreGX EagleGX Eagle AXS, Truvativ StyloXTXTR, XTGX Eagle AXSXTRXX1 Eagle AXS
Drivetrain1 × 121 × 121 × 121 × 121 × 121 × 12 Electronic1 × 121 × 121 × 12 Electronic1 × 121 × 12 Electronic
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Estimated Spec Level

Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more. Learn more →

Spec level →$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000
Stack/Reach Ratio1.411.341.301.25
Top Tube Length561587612638
Seat Tube Length410432460510
Seat Tube Angle76.576.576.576.5
Head Tube Length9095105115
Head Tube Angle67.
BB Drop42424242
BB Height333333333333
Front Center709736762790
Chainstay Length429429429429
Standover Height722736739736

🐐 Measurements listed in millimeters and degrees

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  • Geometry is at the forefront of XC design

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From Orbea

Take control. Don't accept compromises. OIZ isn't down-country or trail; it’s a 120mm XC race machine that looks as good as it rides. Modern geometry and clever suspension, designed from the start around 120mm, bring extra fun to every ride without compromising weight or efficiency. Simply put, OIZ is the fastest XC bike to leave our factory in over 180 years.

The best of both worlds

The goal for the new 2023 Oiz was none other than to design a bike that simply flies, both uphill and downhill. That meant creating a single platform that combines the weight and efficiency of 100mm travel full suspension with the control and downhill traction of 120mm travel full suspension.

That’s why, from day one, Orbea geared the entire development process towards a 120mm travel bike. This means that the suspension geometry and kinematics are optimised specifically for this travel, avoiding the compromises that are needed when adding 120mm suspension to a platform designed for 100mm.

An Oiz that can do more than ever before

Thanks to feedback from Team KMC Orbea, and information from its testers and engineering team, Orbea has developed a modern geometry that takes Oiz’s downhill handling to a whole new level.

A slacker head angle (67º), a lower bottom bracket (333mm), and a longer reach (450mm for size M) are just some of the features that, when combined with 120mm travel, offer the control and confidence of a superb, technically adept cross-country bike. Put simply, this is Orbea’s most effortless and fun Oiz ever.

The greater downhill control of the new platform doesn’t compromise on efficiency or responsiveness. On the contrary, thanks to its modern geometry, the pedalling position is more centred which gives the rider more control on technical and steep sections.

The short rear centre (432mm) maintains Oiz’s characteristic agility and responsiveness. As well as the low stack height (596mm for size M), the seat angle is steeper (72.5º) to give you a better position on the climbs.

In terms of suspension, the Oiz maintains its characteristic single-pivot with engineered flex pivot in the seat stays (UFO), an approach that has proved highly successful since its introduction 20 years ago. And what better accessory for this system than Orbea’s three-position suspension lockout (Squidlock) to ensure maximum performance.

Lighter than ever before

One of the characteristics most valued by Oiz riders is how light the bike is; this is something Orbea has respected on the new 2023 model.

By applying the latest technology and years of accumulated know-how, and by removing anything superfluous, we have kept the weight of the frame down to just 1,750g. That means that this new platform, with 120mm of travel, weighs in at an astonishing 9.98g (size M, with pedals, water bottle and computer mount).

In order to achieve this figure, Orbea has incorporated technologies like UFO, redesigned the carbon linkage and reworked the lamination on all its frames using OMX carbon, delivering the lightest solution possible. At the end of the day, a lightweight bike is a fast bike. And, of course, all our frames come with a lifetime guarantee.

Next-level efficiency

There is no room for compromise on a modern cross-country bike. Orbea has invested a lot of effort into improving the new Oiz’s efficiency and stiffness.

Orbea engineers have worked on the frame’s lamination whilst taking into account the new geometry and how each watt of power is transmitted. They carefully selected each layer in the knowledge that the lower part of the frame transmits power to the rear wheel.

The brand has also taken great care over the design of the rear triangle. This involved refining the shape of the seat stays to increase the area of the tubes, resulting in a 12% increase in stiffness compared to the current frame. The bearings are also completely new and have been chosen for their rigidity.

Increased integration

The new Oiz still looks exactly like the Oiz we know and love. A bike with attitude and a sleek silhouette. There have been a lot of changes and improvements, but there is no doubt that this is still an Oiz.

Naturally, Orbea has kept its patented I-Line cable integration technology, but the 2023 model goes a step further. This Oiz introduces the new SIC System, for optimal cockpit cable integration.

It shortens the cables and ensures they don’t rattle, with the added benefit of a very clean look. The system is also optimised to make changing the stem and handlebars just as easy as on a non-integrated cockpit.

And as if that weren’t enough, the Oiz also comes with a steering limiter to protect your frame. They call this Spin Block technology, and it is available partly thanks to the new OC Components stem and handlebar design.

Another innovative feature of the new Oiz is its ability to carry two water bottles of any size, something our most dedicated marathon and stage race riders have dreamed of for some time.

Customise and/or reserve your new Oiz

One feature that makes Orbea stand out from other brands is our personalisation program that lets you customise your bike before delivery.

And the new Oiz is no exception. We have continued to raise the bar. As well as the usual upgrades, ergonomic components and new colours and finishes, we also offer the opportunity to customise the wheels made by the recently launched brand OQUO.

What’s more, the new Fiberlink linkage is also now available on the MyO tool. When you choose your bike’s colour, the linkage is also painted, offering yet more aesthetic customisation options.

The new Oiz models will be on sale from the end of the year, but riders can already reserve their new bike using Orbea’s Rider Connect service.