Released May 9

Canyon Introduces an Electric Strive



Price Range



27.5″ Aluminum


Full / 160mm rear, 170mm front

Frame Material


The Strive:ON CFR is built to compete for wins at the highest level of E-Enduro racing. Or take speeds up a notch for hard-hitting trail riders.

Combining a tough carbon chassis with a powerful Bosch motor, this is one seriously rapid machine.

Photo Credit: Canyon

The highs and lows of this model family

Compare the Strive:ON Range
Spec Level
Weight54.0 lbs53.6 lbs50.9 lbs
ForkFox Float 38Fox Performance Elite Float 38RockShox ZEB Ultimate
MotorBosch 250W 85Nm mid-driveBosch 250W 85Nm mid-driveBosch mid-drive
GroupsetDeore, e*thirteenXT, e*thirteenX0 Eagle Transmission, X01 Eagle AXS
Drivetrain1 × 121 × 121 × 12 Electronic
Estimated Spec Level

Based on build material and quality level of the frame, fork, wheelset, groupset, suspension system, and more. Learn more →

Spec level →$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000
CFR Underdog
Stack/Reach Ratio1.401.401.341.341.
Top Tube Length579579605605632632660660
Seat Tube Length395395420420435435460460
Seat Tube Angle78.
Head Tube Length110110120120130130145145
Head Tube Angle63.563.563.563.563.563.563.563.5
BB Drop2525252525252525
BB Height338358338358338358338358
Front Center801801830830860860892892
Chainstay Length440440440440440440440440
Standover Height767767772772777777783783
Front Travel170170170170170170170170
Rear Travel160160160160160160160160

🐐 Measurements listed in millimeters and degrees

Canyon Strive:ON CFR review

Nick ClarkMay 9, 2023

Canyon’s new Strive:ON CFR electric enduro bike has its eyes set firmly on the UCI E-Enduro World Cup Series – but how does it ride?

  • Responsive motor

  • Great climbing geometry

  • Mullet setup aids on tight turns

  • Occasional pedal strikes

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All-New Canyon Strive:ON CFR Races Enduro eBike to World Cup eMTB EDR Series

May 9, 2023

The all-new Canyon Strive:ON CFR drops in a true race-ready carbon enduro ebike powered by leading Bosch powertrain and Fabien Barel proven geometry…

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E-Mountainbike Magazine
2023 Canyon Strive:ON CFR first ride review - Thoroughbred racer or eMTB all-rounder?

Simon KohlerMay 9, 2023

The Canyon Strive:ON CFR was developed as an e-enduro racer. But how does it fare as an all-rounderwhat about its all round qualities?

  • Excellent performance at a fair price

  • Trail machine for beginners and experienced riders alike

  • Great all round potential

  • Short riders struggle to find a suitable size

  • Dropper post is slightly too short

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EMTB Forums
3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

Knut NesMay 9, 2023

Canyon take emtb releases to a new level. They’re launching three new 2024 emtbs in one go. There’ll be just a short segment about the Grand Canyon:ON at the end of the article. We’re here for the full suspension bikes, the properly updated...

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The Canyon Strive:ON e-bike is a winner before it's even entered a race - MBR

Danny MilnerMay 9, 2023

For a brand so focused on racing (and so proficient at building one of the best e-bikes on the market in the shape of the Spectral:ON), it was only a matter of time before Canyon designed a competition enduro e-bike. What’s more of a surprise is how accomplished the new Strive:ON is without a number zip-tied to the bars. Looking for the lowdown on the updates and what the full range looks like? Check out our essential guide to the new Canyon Strive:ON. Need to know Race-ready enduro e-bike with 170mm front/160mm rear travel Bosch motor with 85Nm and 600W peak power – top model gets the lighter Race motor with 2m overrun feature Either 625Wh or 750Wh battery enclosed by carbon chassis – choose your battery to suit the race Four frame sizes, all with a mixed wheel set-up Three models with prices starting from £5,699 What are the ingredients needed to make a bespoke enduro race e-bike? A Bosch motor for that fast, predictable response and powerful overrun to slingshot you out of tight corners and boost you through technical chess moves on the timed climb stage. An accessible battery compartment for those mandatory power pack changes. A tight, manoeuvrable, compliant chassis that carries speed and conserves energy with the suspension kinematics tuned to provide ample grip rather than ultimate progression when landing big drops and moto jumps. Maybe a little more ground clearance for those mid-stage sprints.  Not just a race bike If those are the pieces of the puzzle then the finished jigsaw might well end up looking like the new Canyon Strive:ON – a purpose-built competition bike that happens to be rather good when the clock isn’t ticking. Which is a good thing, seeing as the proportion of people who race e-enduro at a top level is minuscule compared to the hordes of riders hacking around their local trails at the weekend just looking to have a blast with their mates. More on how the Strive:ON rides a little further on, but for now let’s take a look at the bike itself, and how it differs from the excellent Canyon Spectral:ON.  Why the Strive:ON doesn’t get the Shapeshifter Firstly, the Strive:ON looks more like the Spectral:ON than the unassisted Strive. The shock runs inline with the seatstays, anchored to the down tube at the forward eyelet, rather than sitting parallel to the seat tube as it does on the analogue Strive. With far less room to work with between the top of the motor and the underside of the top tube, Canyon couldn’t have replicated the layout of the analogue Strive if it had wanted to. Also missing from the e-bike version is the Shapeshifter travel and geo switch with its on-the-fly adjustment. With 600W and 85Nm of torque on tap from the Bosch motor, pedalling efficiency just isn’t that important on an e-bike, so Canyon could do away with the extra weight and complexity, freeing up space inside the front triangle for a water …Continue reading »

  • A blistering race bike that’s just as capable outside the tape. Great value. Well considered spec.

  • We’re bored of green paint – can’t we have some bright colours?

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The 2024 Canyon Strive:ON (Brand new) + Torque:ON eMTB (Redesigned)

May 9, 2023

Big days in the e-saddle at the site of the first ever EWS race in Massa Marittima, Italy riding an e-enduro race platform and a self-shuttling park eMTB.

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First Ride: Canyon's New Strive:On

Dario DiGiulioMay 9, 2023

Fabien Barel helped develop the new Strive:On, which has aggressive geometry and a focus on speed.

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Canyon Strive:ON CFR review: thoroughbred racer gets electrified

May 9, 2023

This speedy descender receives a Bosch Performance Line motor for a scintillating ride, uphill or down

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From Canyon

Engineered enduro

An impressively light 2.45kg CFR carbon frame maximises agility and power to weight advantage. But thanks to optimised stiffness and composed, stable geometry the Strive:ON delivers heavyweight capability on the trail.

Mullet wheels

For traction, control and stability, there’s only one wheel size that’ll do when it comes to E-Enduro. And that’s both. In every test, we found mullet to be the optimal set-up for hard riding without compromising stability

Bump and slide

Tough technical courses make rock and root collisions inevitable but that shouldn't take you out of contention. Heavily inspired by motocross skid plates, the motor cover has a railed design to keep your motor running, your chainring safe and help you slide over trail obstacles.

Silent frame protection

We developed robust frame protectors with our EWS mechanics to shield your bike from the worst racing has to throw at it. They also happen to dampen the sounds of chain slap, rock impacts and trail chatter to keep your head in the game.

Hardcore hardware

Originating from our world beating Sender CFR downhill bike, replaceable thread inserts and double sealed bearings include our proprietary grease fill. All of this helps the Strive:ON CFR survive everything from mechanical mishaps to a punishing season of riding.

Storage without the strap

Two mounting bosses under the top tube provide a fixing point for our frame storage bag. Carry all your enduro essentials without a strap marring your paintwork.

Powered by Bosch

600W peak power, immediate motor response and assistance that supports higher cadences (up to 120rpm) has forged Bosch's reputation as the racer's choice for E-Enduro.
Torque: 85 Nm
Peak power: 600 w
Warranty: 2 years

Bosch smart tube battery

The Bosch Powertube battery slides securely into a lightweight, Canyon designed, cradle inside the frame using the proven Bosch rail mount latch. The battery itself can be charged on or off the bike with the same charger and socket.

Clutter free display

Efficiently integrated into the top tube, the control centre puts all battery and motor functions within easy glance. Power on and off, select your battery mode and get quick feedback on your battery levels with this neat, simple design.

Fingertip controls

Minimally designed and perfectly positioned next to the grip, the bluetooth mini remote put all battery and motor functions within easy reach. Select your mode, switch into walk mode (and the super useful hill hold), and control a display (not included) without taking your hands off the bars.