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The (Cannondale) Grail of Gravel







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If Topstone was made for those who willfully wander, then the LAB71 Topstone frameset was made for those who do so with a keen eye on all the details of the experience. A special carbon layup and meticulous construction, combined with Kingpin suspension, yield the most advanced Topstone ever – with more speed, less weight, and even more of that let’s-ride-forever feeling. This is what gravel dreams are made of.

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Cannondale Topstone Drops 160g Thanks to LAB71 Treatment

Mar 29, 2023

The Cannondale Topstone was already an awesome gravel bike. Now it's even lighter thanks to LAB71 carbon fiber!

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From Cannondale

Fine-tuning the Fine-tuned

The LAB71 Topstone Frameset gets more from less. We took the Topstone Carbon frameset and pushed it to the next level, with a special carbon lay-up that drops over 160g but preserves its toughness, versatility, and performance. Just when you thought Topstone couldn’t get any better...

Looking Closer

LAB71 elevates aesthetics to the level of the engineering. Look as closely as you want at the LAB71 Topstone Frameset, and the stunning finishes and meticulous attention to detail won’t escape you. The only way to make it look better is to add a little dirt.

King of Comfort

The Kingpin suspension system offers up to 30mm of bump-smoothing, traction-increasing suspension travel at the rear wheel, and it does so without the weight or complexity of shocks or linkages. The result? More comfort, more control, and more fun.

Get Loaded

Topstone’s always down for a good time. You’ve got the space and flexibility to set up Topstone Carbon for the long haul, or just a big haul. Multiple gear mounts both above and below the downtube, on the seat tube, on the top tube, and on both blades of the fork give you endless configurations for storage.